JA Europe Company of the Year Competition

general information

The dual-purpose of the JA Europe Company of the Year Competition is to:

  1. Demonstrate learning outcomes and impact of the Company Programme on the students and award those who achieved excellent results.
  2. Create visibility for the JA Network, recognizing the contributions of donors and volunteers as well as raising awareness towards potential supporters.

The competition is JA Europe’s annual celebration of the achievements of its students and their Mini-Companies across Europe. It is also one of the key moments during the year when we can give important visibility to donors and partners and showcase JA to potential supporters.

The judges will assess how the Companies succeeded in demonstrating the desired outcomes of the Company Programme. They will look for evidence that the mini-companies experienced the whole life cycle of a mini-company during the Programme year and learned from each phase of it as opposed to completing a business planning exercise only or achieving only a research and development stage of their project.

Judges will also look for innovation and the successful exploitation of new ideas in all aspects of running a Company. They will look for understanding that continuous improvement through innovation is essential to the success of a business

Phases of the competition

We are currently working on the technical platform in collaboration with our partners, therefore please note that the stages of the competition can be slightly modified. We will keep the network informed and engage as we take further decisions particularly about the technicalities.

  • Submission of Company Report: Before the competition
  • Submission of a Video Pitch: Before the competition (replacing full stage presentation)
  • Jury Interviews
  • Interviews with Signature Judges
  • Virtual Stands or Company website (replacing trade fair)-TBC